Joe Iuliucci
Keller Williams Realty


iBuyer Consultants - We Represent You, The Seller!.

Don't sell to a iBuyer without someone in your corner. We have 29 yrs Experience and 11k homes sold.

Collect Offers: We collect offers from the iBuyers on your behalf

Analysis the Best Net: Separate fees and charges

Negotiate Repairs: We go through their inspection and negotiate repairs.

Push Closing and follow up: We hold them to the best timelines for you and your family.

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Las Vegas NV, Inland Empire CA, Los Angeles County CA, Orange County CA, San Diego County CA, Sacramento CA, Orlando FL, Tampa FL, Phoenix AZ, Tuscan AZ, Atlanta GA, Charlotte SC, Raleigh NC, Nashville TN, Dallas - Fort Worth TX, Austin TX, San Antonio TX, and Denver CO. New Areas Open Everyday!